Rainbow Face Mask Holder


A multicolor breaded facemask holder. It has a couple of stainless steel crocodile clips that connect your face mask to your clothing. The purpose of this accessory is to help you to take off your face mask without having to put it somewhere else. This helps prevent the face mask from having contact with other surfaces, lowering the risk of contagion.
It is 6 inches long.

Since school started, how many facemasks have your kids lost? Maybe you have thought about getting lanyards but are unsure whether hanging them around their neck is the way to go? Try this new lightweight lanyard with the right length to keep your child’s mask handy in the safest way. Easy to wear and take off when needed.  With clips that work on thick coats as well as with t-shirts, blouses, etc. They fit every mask and work for adults too. 
Length: 6 in – Colors: Pink, Light Blue, Black 
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